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Prayer „Wide Space“ for Devotion and Service

Wide space

You, God, give my feet a firm footing.
You set me on an impregnable rock
and let me look far.

You, God, show me the freedom that awaits me.
Before me you spread a wide scope
that reaches to the horizon.

You, God, have my back and give me courage
to discover the land waiting for me.
You accompany me and make the impossible possible.

You, God, are enthroned above all and wait for me,
when I return to refuel.
You strengthen me
and send me refreshed to the land of your promises.


You can use my prayers by referring to me in your smallgroups, services or devotions. Please use them only in a private, non commercial manner, thank you.
God bless you!

aufmerksam, glaubhaft

Prayer about the garden of my life: „With both hands“

Throughout the years I’ve written some prayers and poems, which I translate over the months one by one into english. Hoping, that some sister oder brother in Christ around the world may find the right thought in the right moment. You can use my prayers by referring to me in your smallgroups, services or devotions. Please use them only in a private, non commercial manner, thank you.
God bless you!

With both hands

With both hands
I’m in a box full of seed bags.
Glossy pictures on the front,
immaculate blossoms, lush fruits
– which promises do I believe?
What do I want to sow, cultivate, harvest?
What do I want to grow and bloom in my everyday life?

With both hands
I dig in the weeds.
Everything is matted, overgrown, full of poisonous roots.
How am I supposed to get through here?
How do I contain the infestation?
I grab, rip, dig –
more and more offshoots of noxious weeds
I pull out of the underground:
Decisions of my ego, impatience, arrogance, whims.
Will the misery ever end?

With both hands
I spread compost, mix in fertilizer,
I pick out stones.
Muddy fingers struggle with the seed bags,
until the paper tears
and I gently brush the small grains
into the open, lush soil.
Hope germinates – perhaps success is possible?

With both hands
I drag the watering can full to the brim,
which bangs against my knees,
until I reach the bed.
Slowly I let the water splash onto the seeds,
so that they find a foothold in the soil and begin to grow.

With both hands
I lay my trials before Jesus.
Will you bless it?
Will you give healing and growth?
Will you help me to disempower vicious weeds
And pull them from my heart?
Will you warn me of hailstorms
and guide me through the chaos?
I am there, he whispers.



aufmerksam, glaubhaft

Prayer according to Isaiah 9, Verse 5 for Smallgroups, Service and Devotion

Prayer according to Isaiah 9, Verse 5

Wonderful Counselor,
my heart is full of questions.
I long for insight
and for your wisdom.
Within me so many conflicting thoughts.
Heal me, God.

Strong God,
I feel drained,
the colors of my life seem washed out.
From all sides I am of demands, opinions and constraints.
Free myself from the influence of my fellow men
and give me innerpeace.
Heal me, God.

Eternal Father,
I wish deeply to find a home.
My heart longs for security and comfort
– I would like to finally arrive
at the destination of my longing.
Hold me in your strong arms
let me breathe deeply.
Heal me, God.

Prince of peace,
so often I am driven by my ambition
and the apparent necessities of this world.
Let me know that I am your king’s child,
and no one is entitled to my time,
my heart and my longing.
You rule my life
and lead me with a sure hand towards eternity.
Heal me, God.


For to us a child is born, to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9, Verse 5

I would be very happy if you use and share my prayers in your family, smallgroup or service. Please refer to me and use them only in a private, non commercial manner, thank you.

aufmerksam, glaubhaft

Prayer „Sacred Ground“ for Devotion, Smallgroup and Service

Sitting on the balcony and reading, I suddenly observe a ladybug on a nearby plant. Downstairs at the yard is the laundry of some neighbours hanging, and the Golden Retriever from the teacher downstairs rolls happily on the grass and rubbs his back in a patch of moss. It`s his favourite spot, even though I never managed to unterstand why this patch of moss is different (and obviously better) of all the others. This seems like everyday life, nothing spectacular – but indeed, it`s sacred ground:

Sacred ground

Pause, my soul,
the ground on which you stand is holy.
God is here – invisible and inaudible,
but all the more powerful.
He surrounds you.

Stop, my soul,
where are you rushing to?
Everything you need is here.
You are standing on holy ground,
God is waiting right beside you.
Where are you running to?

Hold on, my soul,
God is in the background making changes.
He has everything in hand,
even if you still lack the perspective.
You are standing on holy ground, no matter,
what the apparent reality may be.

Pause, my soul.
Stop, here in his presence.
Hold on, for he will carry you to your destination.


I would be very happy if you use and share my prayers in your family, smallgroup or service. Please refer to me and use them only in a private, non commercial manner, thank you.

aufmerksam, glaubhaft

Prayer „On the way with eachother“ for smallgroups and services

I’m always happy and grateful, when the Holy Spirit touches my heart and donates a new poem or prayer to me. When this happens, I need immediately a pen and a scrap of paper to write it down. It feels, as if an ocean wave rolls over me and washes my soul in the new message, which I only need to write down.

So it’s my deep wish to translate my prayers, because only very few people worldwide speak (and like…) german. I would be very happy if you use and share my prayers in your family, smallgroup or service. Please refer to me and use them only in a private, non commercial manner, thank you.


On the way with each other

Open my eyes, God
that I may see your footsteps
before me.

Open my ears, God,
that I may hear your voice
in the whisper of the wind.

Open my mouth, God,
that I may ask for you in everyday life.

Open my mind, God,
that I may engage your perspective.

Open my heart, God,
so that I may accompany others along the way.

Open my hands, God,
that I may grasp unexpected opportunities.

Open the knot of worry, God,
so that I may walk each day with confidence.




aufmerksam, glaubhaft

My Prayer „You are allowed to be“ for smallgroups and services

I am happy and thankful beyond measure because of Deepl.
I had the idea of translating my prayers one by one, and when I was about to start, it struck me:
I thought that I would never be able to manage this task so that it would sound like proper english. I’m absolutely capable of writing this little introduction without help, no problem, and no dictionary needed. But a decent prayer, that sounds smooth and „correct“? No way.

So I was overjoyed when I remembered Deepl:
I could use the translator and edit the results, if I would find phrases that wouldn’t satisfy me. So that’s what I did, I’m very content and almost sure of a good result (-;
If any faults occure to anyone, please let me know, so I can correct my failings. Thank you and please use my prayers wherever they suit you! Please refer to me and use them only in a private, non commercial manner, thanks.

You are allowed to be

You are allowed to be
as you are, where you are,
that you are here with us, is a gift.

You are allowed to be,
with all your questions, feelings and insecurities,
between growth and stagnation.

You are allowed to be,
even without achievement and proof
that you are worth it,
you are loved even before you were born.

You are allowed to be
while you find the right shape for you-
the past is over, the new is not yet tangible.

You are allowed to be
as you are, because your heavenly Father
lovingly holds and accompanies you every day.
With every step.


Marie Krüerke ©

aufmerksam, glaubhaft

Prayer „God of everyday life“ for your morning routine

God of everyday life,
accompany me through this day.

God of love,
open my eyes and ears to the people around me.

God of hope,
grant me confidence in moments that unsettle me.

God of wisdom,
help me in making thoughtful decisions.

God of strength,
fill me with your life-giving energy.

God of silence,
refresh me with your calm.

God of peace,
bless my thoughts and feelings,
and help me to carry your light into the world.



© Marie Krüerke

Last year I wrote a prayer, which appeared in a german magazine. I´ve printed lots of postcards with my prayer until I noticed, that my sisters and brothers from Ghana would prefer an english version. So I asked my sister-in-law to rectify my translation – and here it is!
I hope that my prayer will spread out and encourage christians all over the world. Please ask me before using and printing it, all rights reserved. God bless you!

Mein Gebet „Gott des Alltags“ habe ich auf Englisch übersetzt (Danke an meine Schwägerin für die Korrektur), damit auch Christinnen und Christen aus anderen Ländern es verstehen. Alle Rechte liegen bei mir, gern kann es mit Rücksprache in Gebetskreisen und Gottesdiensten genutzt werden.


Leichtigkeit entdecken

Herbststrauß mit Zinnien


Möge dann und wann
deine Seele aufleuchten
im Festkleid der Freude.

Möge dann und wann
deine Last leicht werden
und dein Schritt beschwingt
wie Tanz.

Möge dann und wann
ein Lied aufsteigen
vom Grunde deines Herzens,
das Leben zu grüßen
wie die Amsel am Morgen.

Möge dann und wann
der Himmel
über deine Schwelle treten.


Antje Sabine Naegeli




May now and then
Your soul light up
Filled with festive Joy.

May now and then
Your load become light
And you have
A spring in your step
As in a dance.

May now and then
Asong rise up
From the bottom of your heart
To welcome life
Like a blackbird the morning.

May now and then
Cross your threshold.


Antje Sabine Naegeli


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