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Prayer „On the way with eachother“ for smallgroups and services

I’m always happy and grateful, when the Holy Spirit touches my heart and donates a new poem or prayer to me. When this happens, I need immediately a pen and a scrap of paper to write it down. It feels, as if an ocean wave rolls over me and washes my soul in the new message, which I only need to write down.

So it’s my deep wish to translate my prayers, because only very few people worldwide speak (and like…) german. I would be very happy if you use and share my prayers in your family, smallgroup or service. Please refer to me and use them only in a private, non commercial manner, thank you.


On the way with each other

Open my eyes, God
that I may see your footsteps
before me.

Open my ears, God,
that I may hear your voice
in the whisper of the wind.

Open my mouth, God,
that I may ask for you in everyday life.

Open my mind, God,
that I may engage your perspective.

Open my heart, God,
so that I may accompany others along the way.

Open my hands, God,
that I may grasp unexpected opportunities.

Open the knot of worry, God,
so that I may walk each day with confidence.




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